Significance of the Logo and Shirts

The inspiration from Kim and Karen extends into every aspect of Rock ‘n’ Ride, including the creation of the logo and t-shirts. The purple and yellow color combination is the blending of their two favorite colors. Kim’s was purple and Karen’s was yellow.  The script for the Rock ‘n’ Ride logo and for the back of the t-shirt was created with Kim’s actual handwriting, pulling each letter directly from notes she had written. The bicycle is symbolic of Kim’s passion for riding, and was an activity that Karen enjoyed as well. The smiley faces that create the tires came from an encouraging letter that Karen had sent to Kim during her battle with cancer. She ended the letter with her signature smiley face which was copied exactly how she drew it. The smiley face is also placed at the end of the text on the back of the t-shirt. (To see a larger version of the shirts click on the images below.)

We will have a limited supply of bike jersey’s available at the Registration Booth this year. These were created from the artist print that was created from our inaugural year, along with the Rock ‘n’ Ride logo and the writing that is on the back of our t-shirts.


Men & Women’s Cut –

  • Elastic Sleeve
  • Elastic Waist
  • SpeedPro Fabric
  • 3 Rear Straight Pockets
  • Traditional Stitch
  • YKK 3/4 Invisible Zipper

Please note that those who tried sample jersey sizes recommended increasing your normal shirt size by 1-2 sizes if you do not want the jersey to be form fitting. Men’s cut have elastic waistband at bottom. The women’s cut does not have the elastic waistband at the bottom.



Order your 2017 Rock ‘n’ Ride and\or Rock ‘n’ Run t-shirts (below) by June 28th, to ensure delivery at the event.  Please note we are working to add a v-neck women’s cut t-shirt and additional color options soon. Please check back for availability of these additions.



We will have a limited supply of the original yellow Rock ‘n’ Ride and Rock ‘n’ Run t-shirts available at the Registration Booth this year.